Monday, 9 February 2009

Berlin Fashion Week A/W 09/10: Bernard Wilhelm

A: Sometimes there is nothing like a big ol' dollop of seventies gay porn with my Italian roast espresso and bagel to start the week. Salopettes, skin tights synthetics and a cameo from Aphex Twin (Bottom picture, 2nd from the right) were on the menu in this collection, inspired by the 1976 Innsbruck winter Olympics... whatever that means... (Click pics to enlarge)

A: So far, so east London meets Vauxhall. Not entirely sure whether that's a good or bad thing.
C: It's a bad thing. Never the twain. It's like cats breading with dogs. No. No. No.

A: Double zipped ponchos. Love.
C: It's a joke right? One of those funny German jokes?

A: Tiered. Synthetic. Dungarees. What else is there to say really. Not even the sight of Aphex Twin in Olympic gear & a German bear can stop my eyes from drowning in that navy disaster.
C: If you could freeze vomit and spin it to make thread, these are the kind of clothes that would result. Get me two tampons for my poor bleeding eyes. Quick!

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