Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Berlin Film Festival

C: The Berlin Film Festival, or Berlinale as it should properly be called, is a big deal. It's the largest publicly attended film festival in the world, and every year its red carpets see some decent A-list shoe leather. It's also a massive industry everyone dresses up real nice to impress the moguls with moolah. Lily Cole, Kate Winslet and Tilda (surname not needed) lead the way for the ladies, whilst I found these gents who'd scrubbed up nice...

C: All very tone-on-tone sober from Francois Ozon, Clive Owen & Keanu. Looks which can easily be copied by any gent with access to a city centre H&M. But a Gold Bear goes to the lovely Gael for this black number fizzed up with a sassy belt.
A: Dear Keanu. Please refrain from future attempts to cover up your kangaroo pounch with a wide tie. Also, get your hair did. Remember, you are in Europe now, we have standards.

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