Friday, 6 February 2009

Let's Toggle!

A: Hey dah-lings! Good Jan/Feb? Didn't think so. You would think with the challenge of the big black tidal of a problem called the 'recession', the high street would try to entice the average male consumer with better than sub-par reinterpretations of previous years trends. Thus we have the ever-dreaded 'transitional' phase. So it's up to peeps like moi & C to find some golden threads in the tumbleweed haystacks amounting across high streets around the world. One cute mini-trend that can be eyeballed currently is the duffle coat, especially in the cropped variation, which is actually a nice little alternative for those of us who don't suit Barbour coats (or just can't be bothered to wax them...)

From Left to Right: Topman, Some Catalogue (?!),

C: And what about this moody number, from a British label that's new to me, Fullcircle. Browsing their site, that little word that means so much was never far from my lips: WANT

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