Friday, 21 November 2008

CelebreSayce!: Grand Opening of Atlantis, The Palm Resort and the Palm Jumeirah

A: In our little corner of the world, there is no better way to end the week than a bit of celeb thrashing. Yesterday the Grand Opening of the Atlantis man made island/resort took place, and besides big wads of cash being thrown around once the TP started running low, a few well known personalities decided to pop over for a few (and by pop over, I mean 'paid six figure sums...').

While the ladies had fash pack heavyweights Aggy, Kylie, Charlize etc, batting on their side, The men had...

A: Cute. Effective. Appropriate. Albert Hammond Jr. looks rather fetching here, I am especially loving the over sized velvet bow tie. Keep him in line Aggy!

A: Now let's imagine the conversation Janet and producer hubby Jermaine Dupri had while getting ready
Dupri: Yo Janet!
Janet: Miss Jackson if ur Nasty!
Dupri: What to wear tonight?
Janet:Hmmmmmmm.... You need to try being a bit more like that Kanye boy. He got style and he be rockin' the geek chic thang! Here... try these on!
Dupri: But Miss Jackson, these glasses are too small.
Janet: Bitch(!), do as you're told! Now go put on that white tux jacket Diddy gave you for christmas..

A: Hrrrrrrrrnnnnnnkkkkk!!!!! Somebody needs to send Mr. Snipes back to prison for this heinous ensemble. And the shoes....... did he pick them up at "Pimps'R'Us" or something? Unforgivable.

A: Ahhhh... The age old sartorial mistake of wearing too many stand out items in one outfit. The Velvet Blazer. The paisley print shirt. The shiny slim fit trouser. Individually 'tres'. Together 'trop'. But who gives a shit when you have Daisy Lowe (looking effortlessly amazing) on your shoulder.


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