Thursday, 20 November 2008

Versayce's Armagaddon European Tour: Part 2, Berlin

C: A plague of British trendos and musos are flocking to Berlin's cheap, spacious apartments and haunting its relaxed and extensive nightlife as they flee the polar opposite at home. Our presence has been noted, and we're to blame for buy/renting stuff and making prices creep up. Well, hello - you remember the European Union right? You've always been really keen on it. Freedom of movement and capital ring any bells?? Well, this is it. DEAL!

If Vice magazine were a soap opera, London would be its script writer but Berlin would be its set. Here's a quick look at what I found for the casting couch. Photographs courtesy of the gorgeous folk from Stil in Berlin and Street Clash (see Cuff Links).

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C: I was resistant to the whole Docs revival that began last year. I give in.
A: Yawn.

C: Quiddich aside, this chap exhibits a real sense of style, avoiding any obvious trends whilst still looking fresh. And that, for me, sums up the best of the best in Berlin.
A: Something kinda Ooh(!!!) indeed! This guy's look is fresher than a jewish bagel on a Sunday morning. 11 out of 10!

C: You know, it's so-so until the socks. Then it rocks.
A: So. Ok. This guy looks good, but not amazing. I bet anyone a Larry Clark dvd that this guy spent a good 30 minutes in the mirror perfecting the sock-boot-trou section. Oh, and lose that stupid hat.

C: This is either suffocatingly backward looking. Or so cool that I don't get it 'cus I'm just not in that league. I suspect it's the latter.
A: Take away the pimp coat and replace those H.I.D.E.O.U.S boots with some chillaxed plimsoles and we might have a winning look on our hands. For now, somebody please tell 'Huggy Bear' to get off the the street corner before I get all 'Shaft' on his ass!

C: Me and this guy have SO got to meet and swap fugits (fucking ugly knits). They're sartorial one-trick ponies: one wear and it's OVA.
A: Ferosh! Last year.

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