Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Air Kissing Dance, courtesy of Tom & Karl.

A: Every once in a while, we all like a little fusion on our plate. For some it might be a serving of sushi with a side of salsa sauce, for others it may be pairing a vintage tee with a well tailored blazer. But for me there is nothing better than watching 2 divo's try and out gay one another in a verbal fuckfest of flattery. A few weeks ago fash legends Tom Ford & Karl Lagerfeld did an interview with Time magazine, mainly focusing on promoting Ford's menswear line. Here are some snippets with additional commentary from C&A.
Karl: Tom's clothes have nothing to do with the old clothes. It's the idea of them. It shares the mood. But in fact they are made differently, and also, in ready-to-wear, this kind of quality didn't exist. They are beautifully made. They are weightless on the body.

Tom: Well, thank you, Karl.

A: Airkisses galore!
C: Air-rim more like. I do hope they flossed after that disgusting display of verbal ass-hole munching.

Karl: But when you wear them, you don't feel like they are English clothes because those are heavy. I like that you took that mood and used another technique. It's like Chanel.

A: Me, Me, Me, Me, MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure you don’t forget that Chanel makes the best clothes in the world kids, otherwise uncle Karl will put a double c’ed lump of coal in your sock this xmas.
C: Can you imagine how much that lump of coal would sell for on eBay?! I was told Chanel do a daft product every year. I'm trying to track down the CC boomerang at the moment. Truefact readers.

Tom: It's true. A lot of people think a high armhole is restrictive, but it gives you total movement because it's cut right up to your arm.

A: There is nothing like a sharp dagger wedged in between your armpit and chest, it’s really a sign of high quality tailoring when your blazer cuts off the blood supply to your arms. It creates a comfortably numb sensation. Duh!

You can read the full interview here.

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