Monday, 20 October 2008

Ukranian Fashion Week S/S 09: Vincent Willem Warner

A: Hey Guess what people. It's Ukrainian fashion week! What you didn't hear? Neither did I. But since Eastern Europe is where the money's at, that's where I'll be, although I'm not sure I'll be rocking any of the looks shown at Willem Warner's show, for fear of accidentally turning out tricks to oligarchs while standing in line for my Starbucks. Let's take a closer look...

A: OK so the pants are hideous, and if we actually saw anyone in them, we would probably call the Folice, but the knitted top is pretty endearing. It would probably be even better if it was simply hooded, but hey, anything for a mention in the press right?!
C: Does he have a lobster down his pants to complete the red theme? Sure looks like it.

A: White on White = Sin. Even though I love the neckline on the top, the whole look overall just makes me want to detonate a cruise ship!
C: You see, I don't mind the white on white. What I do find turns my face vinegar-sour are those vile trainers. Like buying a gorgeous cake from Parisian patisserie and topping it with squirty cream.
A: Wow. Unbuttoned cuffs. Controversy.

A: Whoa.... Let's take 2 steps back shall we? I am guessing this is what straight jackets would look like if Julian McDonald designed them. I am sure his donning one right now in his tanning coffin.
C: Excuse me, how you gonna pick up your glass of Cristal in that get-up dahling? Exactly.

A: Sorry Mr. Willem Warner, the N'Sync look won't be retro for at least another 10 years.
C: I love how these models have waists like butchers' wives.

A:.... The problem with thi.. Oh Whatev's...

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niwde said...

I swear my grandma had knitted me a jumper like that on first photo but in avocado green. I guess after covering every single item in her house with her magnificent crochets, it was only a matter of time to cover the grand kids too.