Thursday, 16 October 2008

Pins and needles

C: Three things which determine if a man is still eligible to wear skinny jeans. 1) Age 2) Being in rock'n'roll. 3) Having the BMI of a heroin addict. La Moss' last be-dicked accessory scored 3 out of 3. Congratulations Pete, you're a winner. Jamie, with his 1 out of 3, is looking a bit sausage-legged and desperately "youthful". But check the double-breasted pin-stipped suit jacket!! 80's stockbroker is a look so ironically now! BUY BUY BUY!!!

A: The things men will do for a piece of Kate. Squirt crack blood on oil canvases, Make horrible covers of good 60's songs, the list goes on..... Shoving toothpaste back into a tube ala Mr. Kills seems like an easy break here... Unfortunately, despite the lush DB piece, that fringe needs a serious work over, what did he cut it with? A machete?

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