Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The Sartorialist for Gap?!

A: Unless you have been in a total fashion coma for the past year or so, you probably will have visited the godfather of all men's fashion blogs, The Sartorialist, which through shots of anonymous or not-so-anonymous male street walkers gives a masterclass on how to wear certain attire properly. So it was to combined horror and delight that I discovered this picture on my Google Reader this morning next to my Coffee & Celery stick...

A: Scott Schuman!!!! The Sartorialist himself working the crap out of an Oxford shirt...... For a Gap Fall Campaign!! ONTD!!!

C: Great strap line "Look for your own inspiration". It's really motivating. I may put it up above my desk and sigh each time it catches my eye. My take would have been "Look for someone else to do your ironing". If shirts are a bitch to iron, GAP's Oxford is a frickin rotweiler. Beware of Dog.

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