Monday, 11 August 2008

The New Effeminate Guide Pt. 1

A: Over the past few days, I've seen the image of the modern man take a 'beyond ironic' twist into new territories: the land of Trannyville. Dr. Frankenfurter need not be considered an icon of rebellion and individualism any more with the introduction of MantyHose & Guyliner. The pink pound must be flipping around in distaste to see expendable incomes being thrown about in such a flagrant manner.

A: From the Taxi Cosmetics website: "This soft, smooth kohl pencil can give an accurate, subtle defined look to the contour of the eye, making them appear larger, more distinct and seductive, is he or isn’t he wearing it? Or smudged, it can be more dramatic for a grungy rock-star look"

Ok, so let me ask this. If, as a man, I choose to waste my income on some eyeliner, shouldn't I rather spend it on a better company like Chanel, Lancome, YSL etc, who have actually been making this stuff for decades and know their business?

I can imagine the conversation...

Random Person: Wow, you are so fashtastic, where did you get your eyeliner from?
Eyeliner wearing consumer: Thanks bitch, it's Guyliner from Taxi.
Random Person: Dead to me!

C: Buy it?! Get the fuck outta here. Real men shoplift their make up. End of.

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bekki_homoelectric said...

real men shoplift........a stroke of pure genius