Friday, 15 August 2008

Rei of Light

A: Winter just got quirkier peeps! Comme Des Garcons very own Rei Kawabuko has done a range for H&M! It'll be a pretty standard CdG affair: bold prints, deconstructed tailoring, lots of black etc... But at prices which I can actually afford (hopefully..... ). I am gunning for that colour block shirt. Forget See Love Buy. Smash & Grab!

C: Love the peacoat.Want. But wait. The model - let's call him Sven for the sake of argument. Now, Sven, when you're photoshoping him, is a great looking bloke. Yet the I-just-got-off-my-shift-at-the-chippy hair has an amazingly transformative effect. Sven goes from handsome to well-maybe-after-3-pints, just like that. Point is: hair. No matter what they heck's going on below the neck, whether designed by Rei Kawabuko or Ray Meers, hair has the power to totally knock the edge off an outfit. So Sven, do please take two bottles into the shower next time and do yourself and the clothes the justice they deserve.

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