Friday, 15 August 2008

Dicing the Collections: Costume National A/W 08

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A: Pete Doherty is probably regretting he pawned his favourite coats for that 'ever so sweet dragon chasing' hit last weekend. No worries though, hopefully Kate Moss will use some of that Phillip Green money and get him this for Xmas...

A: Loving the cardie-over-waistcoat look. Dandy whores, take note.
C: Great to see grey won't go away. Want a cardie like that on the High Street? Try Uniqlo. Great prices and much higher quality than Topman or H&M.

A: Gorgeous gloves. The rest is your standard charity/ vintage shop affair.
C: I think the palette of muted browns is something to look out for. It's a good alternative to the ubiquitous grey if you can find the pieces.

A: Coming to a Gap near you.
C: He looks like a fick. Something about the jacket being done up at the throat ruins this for me.

A: I have always wanted a Birkin. Unfortunately, not only am I too poor to buy one, Hermes won't even agree to put me on a waiting list for one. I guess I can settle for this then..... when it's in the sale...
A: Yes! This look is flaming hot for fall. The blazer combines 2 trends in one, tweed & tuxedo. The mixture of different fabric textures..... You get the point. In the Versayce look book this goes.

C: There's a tweed jacket I'll blog about soon. It knocks this into a cocked hat. But yeah, tweed is back for another go (this will be its 3rd winter if the High Streets run with it again).

A: If there is one thing I hate, it's white jeans in winter. Nothing screams ponce more than a pair of white denim pins in mid January. Nice Shirt tho.

C: Well I hate those Arab scarf things more. Nothing screams "I'm seriously alternative" louder. Well if you are, why the hell are you peddling such a frickin' cliche! This is a deeply TopMan look.

A: I know fellow Versyace writer Craig & his frenemie Chris are already fighting over who gets to wear this look first. Here is a catwalk trend that's fairly simple to copy. Don't forget the 'satin' bowtie & fingerless gloves children! It's all in the details.

C: Drop dead bitch. I already have the shirt & tie for this combo and not seen this shot until now. Not all of us copy from the run way. Some of us just feel it in the air and make it fly.

A: Let's take a time warp a few weeks back to a humid yet rainy day in Berlin..... C: "Check out this top I got from New Look, it's all about Tartan this season...". Dis-missed.

A: Black biker jackets are the word right now, but what is up with those shoes?! I'm all for chunky soles but those look like a "Clarks" nightmare!
A: Readers beware! This look may look hot right now, but by the beginning of December, It'll be in your nearest Designer Outlet.
C: Ditch the tie. There's enough going on here to keep a creche of hyper toddlers amused for hours.

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Chris Klee said...

Fighting over that look. Pfft, honey I already OWN that look.