Friday, 15 August 2008

"I'm sorry, was that yours?": Burberry vs. Topman

A: Upon my daily perusal of Topman's website I stumbled across this winter overcoat which bares a striking resemblance to the one worn by Sam Reily in the Burberry A/W campaign. Thinking to myself "Yey, 90% Burberry knock off for 75 quid" I sprinted over to my local flagship only to discover that it fits like a mutated glove, causing my body to look like Mickey Rourke's face, after he took up boxing. Hanger Appeal: 10. Sex Appeal: 3.

C: That's why I never buy clothes on the online. Sure the pics may make you dribble more than an hour in front of Xtube, but how's it gonna hang? There's no way you're going to know until your try it on, and until Second Life gets touchy feely there's nothing to beat First Life and real shopping. I mean, would you order a boyfriend over the internet? Oh. Wait. Scrub that...

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