Thursday, 7 August 2008

I wool always love you

C: Like fashion, Britain has two season. These are called, Dull and Duller. Dull used to be known as summer, but it seems summer's on an extended holiday somewhere nice and sunny. Lucky it. London's given up longing for it to return, so last week, out came the woolies and jackets again. Phew. Frankly, without one or the other, I feel like Eva Green sans $3 billion in Montblanc diamonds dripping from my neck, and their owner dribbling at my side. Back to reality, let's check out some hot cardies. It's worth avoiding the basic cut, as it's been a staple for several years now, and is looking as tired as an Ibiza DJ. Go for chunk, double breasts (executed well) and detail.

From left to right
Top row: Folk @, Jay Sabatino
Middle row: both Topman
Bottom row: French Connection, ASOS

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