Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Please tie me up

C: The tie. I can't think of anything more utterly pointless (pun unintended). A fabric noose, snugly girdling the wearer's neck, of no functional use, unless suicide's your task in hand. It's a health & safety accident waiting to happen. It's a leash, a lead, a choker-chain for animal man. An item like no other, loaded with compulsion and compliance: "must wear a tie" "no open necked shirts" "formal attire compulsory" "back tie only". I loath being told what I can and cannot wear. I refuse to wear a tie at work. And yet when not compelled to, I want to wear one. Given all I've said, I love them, and can't stop collecting them. They provide a counter point to the very limited pallet of clothes most men wear; a permissible concession to frippery, extravagance and the sorts of fabrics or prints normally only worn by women. Here are some real sober beauties from the new season, with tartan being the stand-out look for me.
From left to right
Top row: Band of Outsiders, Michael Kors
Middle: both Drakes
Bottom: Lova, Alexis Mabille (genius!)

A: Don't forget this fresh little number from Topman. Only a tenner!

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