Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Mens Fall Campaigns


A: Catholic School Boys w. Trust Funds Pt. 1
C: Dear God, hear my prayer: a Lanvin underwear campaign please. Same models. Cheers big beard.

Tom Ford Menswear

A: Christmas party looks? Already? I'm still in shorts?!
C: So that's what you get if you cross George Michael with a sofa. Liberace's lifting an eyebrow in his grave.


A: I guess I now know who will be buying up ad spaces in AXM & Attitude magazines this winter.
C: Pic left is so amazingly pointless. It's more like an ad to get gays to drink Blossom Hill.

Calvin Klein White Label

A: Sorry, I'm too busy prying my eyes open with matchsticks..... YAWN!
C: Go on! Shove her in. You know you want to.


A: Maroon patterned tanks in Autumn. Yes. The Rest. No.
C: They make robots so pretty these days.

A: Fug

A: Fuglier
C: Benetton: 3 decades of the same old shit.


C: IGN that collar. The hand's a bit creepy tho. I imagine his fingers as being unnaturally long. Like ET.

Calvin Klein Underwear

A: I just love the irony of ads like these, due mainly to the high probability that person paying 40 pounds for a pair of these tighty whities looks like this...


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