Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Reykjavik Style

Here at Maison Versayce, we like to think global. So without further ado, here are some of Reykjavik finest 'dressing up box' men's looks, with extra spice from C & A.

A: When grandma died, this dahling spawn was first in line for the fur coat, opting for vampiric pimp look for Spring/Summer 08'. Somebody hand me a cross and some garlic, asap.
C: Mm..mm...mmmm...MULLET!
A: Double Breasted Cardigans. Hot. Badly made ones. Not. Neither are those fug bowling shoes. Dis-missed.
C: Yuck! More colours than a decorator's overalls.
A: Leggings on men. Never a good look. This guy is suffering from a serious case of TTH (trying to hard)!!!
C: Who told Axel Rose about NuRave?! Hello operator, Folice please.

A: Effortlessly chic. The turqouise shoes and funky knitwear definitely put this Homme in to my plus column.
C: Hair: check. Beard: check. Cable knit: check. Shoes: check. We've got ourselves a winner! Please see me round the back for your prize.

Photos courtesy of Reykjavik Looks

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