Sunday, 13 July 2008

Brass 'n' Pocket

mirror model's own

C: IGN alert! Topman has a viciously tempting line of jackets from Self Self Self. Resistance has never been a strong point of mine and must shamefully report that I actually walked around the store jealously clutching this number, until I could make it mine at the alter of cash & love. (Someone did pick it up whilst I was trying on some shoes. Ever seen a lioness protecting her cubs? Exactly). I love detail in the cut, its miliarty domed brass buttons and the fact that it's made out of jersey material which I normally hate. Love.

A: The details on the lapels & sleeves really give this quirky little number a good edge over other militaristic jackets on the high street at the moment. Not too sure about the shorts & stripy top combo though Craigy, someone might think you had a faneurysm (fashion aneurysm). A softly tailored blazer would have been more suitable for this 'short suit' look.

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