Sunday, 13 July 2008

Etsy Corner: Miss Nopales Art T-Shirts

A: If you're going out on the razz and don't wanna look too TTH (trying too hard), t shirts are the way to go. Problem is, about 20 other people will probably be wearing the same urban outfitters tee you just bought. Why not hop on over here and check out these 'Supa Kawaii' tops, which are dirt cheap & best of all, come in eight different colors. I want me some parachuting squirrels, how bout you?

C: Ooo, they soo cute I just did a little sickie in my mouthy. For less Silvanian Families, me & yu based in Blackpool/Manchester do great screen printed tees and tops (see below). And for a savvy round up of what's fresh, you can't go far wrong with quick scroll down the fat seagull.

A: There are only 2 places for salmon; the final reductions rail and my plate.

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