Friday, 3 October 2008

High Street Tailoring Picks: Topman Design & Burton Heritage

From Left: Topman Design Suit, Burton Heritage Suit

Let's face it kids, if ya ain't got no dolla in that pocket, finding a well tailored, adequately fitted and good quality suit on the high street is not a simple task. In fact, it would probably easier and cheaper to buy a scabby old vintage suit, get it dry cleaned and heavily altered. But who has the time or patience (besides shopaholic whores like us...). While scouring the online shop offerings of some of British retails biggest players, I stumbled across these 2 fantastic examples of affordable modern tailoring.

The first suit (on the left), is a snow flecked tweed suit with skinny trousers and satin lapels, which add a soft luxurious touch to the rough texture of the jacket. The trousers are quite versatile and could be worn for work on their own and then with the jacket for evening affairs.

The second suit consists of a double breasted prince of wales check jacket from Burton's new Heritage line alongside slim fit trousers which should provide a nice alternative to all those pinstripe single breasted debaucheries you may have noticed on the bus/tube to work.

C: Guys are weirdly snobbish about high street brands. Most women I know would shrivel and die if cut off from their constant feed of cheap rags from Primark and New Look etc. Well, maybe with this recession snapping at our heels, more men will get over themselves and take a look in "lepar" shops like Burton, New Look, Next, Littlewoods. Burton, has really turned its game around over the past 4 years, so go have a look and see what you've been missing. It's new Heritage line, joining the Black Label line is something only those with more money than sense should turn their noses up at.

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