Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Dicing the Collections: Thom Browne S/S 2009

A: Thom Browne, the man responsible for the 'shrunken suit' look (mid wrist jackets, calf length trousers) showed his new collection in NY this month, and the results were unfortunately more mixed than a bag of revels (come on, you know you only have two flavours in mind when you buy that packet). The tennis themed collection more often than not was just simply ridic!

A: Romper suits, Tulle underskirts paired with blazers, bath robes dressed up with evening coats? WTF?! Don't get me wrong, I love innovation in menswear and most of my blazers barely graze my elbow but come on.... Is this man trying to create new wearable looks for us or just trying to grab some column inches. Desperately TTH (trying too hard)!!!

C: Model 3 from the left's face sums it all up: I feel more of a dick than an army tent full of Thai whores.

A: Tennis skirts for men, haven't we seen those before? Oh yeah, on your average Wednesday Tranny themed night at your local gay hot spot! Unfortunately, most of the men rocking this mishap will be 40 year old men who chose to find a new 'softer' self rather than buy a Porsche during their mid life crisis. And the trousers hanging off the balls, to quote Project Runway judge Nina Garcia "I have alot of problems with this look, that's just the tip of the iceberg".

But not all was bad...

A: Nautical jackets with silk piping, short suits with fabulous prints , jacquard printed fabrics all served as fresh, easy(er) to wear looks that wouldn't bring on the gay bashing outside of major capital cities. I am particularly loving the belted detail on the jacquard shorts.

C: Model far left - "Lawyer seeks buxom dominatrix for naughty school boy spanking sessions"

A: The accessories were rather cute too, although nothing to really worth getting wrinkles over... The patent toe caps idea could have been pushed a bit further... Perhaps some 2 toned ones next season please?

Oh and one last thing....

A: I'm sorry, but I'm completely at loss about what to say about this outfit, since I have gone spontaneously blind, C help me out here please...

C: 40-Hate, Mr Browne.


MR style said...

so funny and interesting conceptually !! it doesnt mean people are gonna wear it but it looks good tough !

Anonymous said...

That last piece from the Thom Browne collection, white blazer sat over what looks like a buff tutu is giving me EVERYTHING. #HELLONEWFASHION, im over safe, simple, clean cut clothing. whats wrong with looking different, thats what the world needs more guys walking down the street KILLING women in there LOUboutain, women dissapoint in so many levels when it comes to fashion haha. But its all friendly and i love the BLOG :D