Friday, 27 June 2008

Pensioners For Yohji!

A: Welcome to the fabulous world of tramps & hustlers..... Even though these clothes are bringing on some serious FUG, I have to say it is refreshing to see models on the runway who actually represent the only people who actually have enough money to buy this crap..... Here is an example of how not to do colour blocking for men's tailoring (unlike Jil Sander). It seems as if Mr. Yamamoto let some blind child loose on his design sketches with a box of leftover Crayolas....

C: Wow, I thought, what a brave move. But like jumping into the sea to rescue a drowning dog most brave acts are stupid. Men go to seed faster than a flock of starving parakeets. Except that would probably look pretty. This doesn't. Hurry up you pharmaceutical giants and make male HRT. You gave the old dogs viagra, but what's the point of that if no bitch wants to lick your bone 'cus you FUG. And the clothes? That'll be all Mr Yamamoto.

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