Friday, 27 June 2008

Novelty clothes are fun, when you are Special!

Now we love us a bit of AA (american apparel), but gimmicky tops just piss me off!!! This new thermostatic t shirt changes it's colour according to temperature/ body heat. Great. That's just what a guy needs. His man boobs accentuated in a sweaty club under UV lighting. Craig help me out here.

She looks like she's got flour on her hands. Oh wait, if it's AA it'll just be cocaine. Snooze. I lived through that shit in the early 90s. It was crap then, and it sure is retro crap now. Die dye.

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Gregling said...

Back in the day they were known as Global Hypercolour Tshirts. We weren't fancy enough to have our own though. Poor, you see. The rich thin kids though would touch each other up while the fat kids would simply have differential underarms all day long. Not good times.