Friday, 27 June 2008

Madame Wintour gets her very own Butt Boy!

A: Forgoing a classic chanel quilted 2.55 for your very own Hollywood gigolo is sooooooooooooo 09'. Fuck the hobo bag. Anna knows its all about body-con for men next year and is wasting no time in promoting it by dragging this hot number around town with her. Meanwhile her spawn has been spotted tweaking over Alexander Wang's sample sale in NY.

C: There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's battering La Wintour's fish for dinner. Ugh. I mean, what did the guy eat at dinner - a sofa? Look how the jacket button is about to pop off and assassinate the first pap it shoots into. I've noticed the AW's been snapped more and more without her trademark Vader-black shades. It's like when the builders take down scaffolding from an old building after major renovations to reveal an exterior untouched by time. But no matter how young it appears, we all know it's been on the block for more years than anyone cares to remember.

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