Sunday, 29 June 2008

Anne Demeulemeester s/s 09

A: One Word. Yes. I love this collection so much I actually wanna get addicted to crack so I can be skinny enough by next year in order to pull off those gorgeous jumpsuits next year. As opposed to many others collections shown this season, the fabrics seemed a lot softer and lighter. The tailoring was also fantastic, in particular the triple breasted blazers and patterned waist coats, inspired by Hermann Hesse. Thank god Demeulemeester redeemed the cred of the pensioners after the seriously fugtastic outfits Yohji threw their way.

C: As the ultimate accessory in 2006 was an adopted African orphan, so it looks certain that 09's must-have will be a gent in his 3rd age. Keeping ahead of the curve, last weekend I scored myself an octogenarian Shoreditch gallery owner, who plied me with strong coffee and amazing stories about theatre land "Ethel Merman – there was a monster on stage!". I’ll check what he thinks about this rash of wrinklies on the catwalks. As for Demeulemeester's bucolic fantasy, I’m well known to be as romantic as an ABS breaking system. All that floppy haired Bryon and Rambeau in the country stuff leaves me checking my Kurt Geigers for cow pat. Lovely work thought if you like that bo-faux thing.

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