Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hit the Decks Boys

C: As with skinny jeans and the white school plimsole, what seems ubiquitous now once sat several seasons on the shelves with no one buying (apart from those surfing the fashion forward). Deck shoes are nothing new of course, but last summer there was a huge increase in available colours and variations on the basic design. There wasn't much take up.

However in the past few months, what was once the preserve of Polo wearing yahoos and jocks, has been increasing spotted dangling from indie gents' pale, limp ankles, usually very worn-looking almost to the point of disintegration. The deck shoe looks certain to replace the tired old plimmy as slip-on of choice. Get wearing now to achieve that desirable knackered look - nothing better than snow and salt to ruin a shoe!

From top: Sebago £119; ASOS £40; Superga £115; Topman £45

A: Well, if we are being totally frank, C&A are a bit late on this one, but before you all start flicking your weaves in utter disgust...... Just know that your beloved bloggers were probably pre-occupied with dumping those post Xmas muffin tops from their torsos. Ciao!

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