Monday, 3 November 2008

Tick My Box Santa!

C: I love love love these. I love these with the Force, to the power 3, and with all the Honour of Grey Skull. My grandparents face a 3-day eBay auction so I can snaffle the lot. You see Elton John may not know how to dress, but the bastard sure knows how to shop: one in every colour shopkeeper and don't spare the horses.

My favourite two are the white and gold, because they look - well, so CHEAP! Santa listen up: make my stocking digital this Christmas and see if I can't give a quick "digital" present of my own for your trouble.

A: Haven't Urban Outfitters been stocking these since Cokate was dating Johnny Depp? There is a thin line between cute cheap and just N.A.S.T.Y, and the white one not only crosses it, it stampedes through it like a council mum on the first day of sale at Mk One. Love the Grey & Aqua colored ones though.... I want this for christmas santa baby....

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