Wednesday, 12 November 2008

New Kid On The (Chopping) Block: Carlos Campos

Selections from Carlos Campos A/W 08'. Available at ForwardForward
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A: While gallivanting through the pages of Revolution's online answer to Dover St. Market, ForwardForward, I stumbled across new Mexican designer Carlos Campos. Faster than a pensioner could yell 'HBOS!', I did a double take, grabbed my plastic and rammed it into my USB drive. Then I discovered US sites don't do Maestro ;(

Seriously though, this guys jackets are simple to D.I.E! The tailoring feels fresh without being garish and since it's a new designer (that Topman hasn't hired...yet!), you will probably be the only one wearing within a 20ft radius.

Here is a taste of his S/S 09 collection.

Carlos Campos S/S 09
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A: Pretty Fa-rosh(!!) don't you think?
C: Mr Blue Jacket, did you get that forehead from Babylon 5 costume department, wtf?! Agree 100% - this guy's tailoring is hotter than camel shit.  

Even Mama Wintour Approves!

A: This may not be to everyone's liking (yes C, I am partially referring to you) and it may not really work off the catwalk, but who cares? J'adore & please gimme more Campos!
C: A, you don't need no more. You're campos enough. 

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