Friday, 28 November 2008

Celebresayce!: American Music Awards

A: Nick Lachey is always consistent, and by that I mean his outfits work like a double dose of Valium on me. Inducing me into a peaceful 8 hour coma. What is up with those cheap looking M&S pants too, did he not have time to go to the tailor's earlier to get them tapered?

A: When you are Mariah's bitch, you better friggin' co-ordinate. Or else she'll bust your eardrum in under 5 seconds flat. Snaps for the piped blazer and pocket square though.

A: Blazer & Hoody..... This is something you would wear to pop to the shops on the weekend. Wise up Luv & get your shit together! Vamos!

A: Suits in shiny fabrics are a big thing this season it seems. Unfortunately, when paired with over 200 flashing cameras on the red carpet, the results can be like putting tin foil in a microwave, disastrous. I am loving the guy on the far right's navy/yellow collegiate blazer though.

A: I am L.O.V.I.N.G Chris Brown's outfit here. Especially the 08' update on the stale 'waistcoat & blazer' formula by adding a gorgeous quilted black bomber instead. The shades are 'tres' adorable too.
A: I have still not decided whether I love or hate Kanye's ensemble here. I guess what's killing the look for me is that hideous camo hat he is wearing. Seriously, where did he get that thing? It looks like something in half off bin at an old navy outlet!

A: Although, not entirely perfect (what's up with the 'Gambino' pin stripe suit in the middle?). This group ensemble puts the Jones Brothers in my good books, the prince of wales check suit and the DB blazer are correct. The shoes on the other hand... not so much.... Jazz brogues are so 06'..

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niwde said...

I think the navy blue blazer with yellow pippings is from Vivienne Westwood. I saw something like that on one of the stores here.