Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Chuck Bass is Back!!

A: Well well, for those of us in not so sunny England, hasn't the summer been a tad bleak? Horrible menopausal weather, Tory takeover, the return of casual sweatpants on the streets, I could go on... Thankfully, autumn has begun, which means better clothes, less beer guts and most importantly, new seasons of our fave American shows. Probably the most highly anticipated for me was the return of Gossip Girl, which began its second season yesterday in the states. Over the past few months, every fashion mag has been focusing their pages on the clothes worn by the ladies of this wildly entertaining teen soap . Now it's time for Maison Versayce to take a glimpse into the men's fashion in the show, mainly worn by the character Chuck Bass (who like every rich New Yorker is vacationing at the Hamptons). Time to rate those looks!

A: Casual & sporty. In short, American fashion. Just OK. Cute hat tho. C+

C: Pete Doherty does beach wear. Stripes: on deck chairs timeless; on guys 2005. D

A: I loved this check shirt. The mixture of Blue, Orange & Cream is delish. Would have been nicer as a long sleeve shirt tho. B

C: Did he pull those flowers from under his shirt, cus it sure looks like there are a few more presents under the Christmas tree. No charm in this look. It's totally perfunctory. D

A: Part of me is screaming "OMFG! Where can I buy this shirt!", while the other part in me is screaming "Paul & Shark meets tacky queen on cruise". B-

C: S'ok. C

A: Gak Attack! Pistachio is a color that rarely should be seen outside of Hagen Daz carton. Quite frankly that colour and the mixture with the check print is nauseating. F

C: FUCK! Willy Wonker meets Will Young. These colours remind me of bathroom suites from the early 80s. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeedick. Ungraded.

A: Abercrombie & Fitch product placement alert. Bleugh!

C: Hey, who's the father Chuck? Wearing a shirt the extends below the gut back onto narrower hips is the sartorial version of jazz hands whilst you fuck up your solo. Good to see he's accessorising with a Diet Coke. C for (weight control) effort.

A: OK, so technically this ain't The Bass, but I love the mixture of different creams and textures and especially the collar on his shirt. B+

C: Points lost because the tie just isn't elegant enough for a winged-collar; look how it bulks around the neck. I do like the wit in attempting to dress up linen though. B

A: At the Hamptons white party, Chuck decides to mix it up a bit with some black piping on his lapels and black & cream neckerchief. I usually hate all white outfits on men (or women, actually), but the Bass really pulls this off amazingly. A+


Lorrainey said...

Ace review of Chuck's outfits Avi. Although I have to say I like the fact the checked shirt has short sleeves and shows off his lovely arms :-D This GG episode made me want to sit by a pool drinking a nice Collins cocktail, GReat Gatsby style.

Anonymous said...

Do you know who made the tuxdeo chuck bass is wearing to the white party?

Rick said...

I would go with D&G... seen a black tux with white stripes just like this but never a white w black...