Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Yes Please.

A: Razor sharp points on your toe tappers are hot for A/W. These little babies from Swear are a hot little buy, perfect for office and evening. The elasticated sides also provide some much needed comfort for those of us with wider feet. Smash & grab these babies, cause they are going faster than a wag wedding OK! special.

C: I hate to disagree (actually I don't. I love it). I gave away all my pointies over a year ago. When a trend takes over, it's OVA. The look is dated. I love the geometric styling, but a snub-nosed toe would have set it apart from 10s of similar pairs of pointies being flogged in River Island & Top Man. And black patent always, always looks tth. Great if you're doing exactly that for a flash night out, but worn in the office?! You may as well drink your Nastycafe out of a lead crystal gobblet. No one loves a ponce, do they?

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