Thursday, 24 July 2008

Spring Summer 09' Trend Watch: Pink Pt. 2!! Primark Strikes Back!

A: 6 pounds peeps. 6 pounds!!!!! Just when you thought Primark was beginning descend into men's immigrant & council estate fashion, the pound saving messiahs bitch slap you in the face with this piece of hotness. This cardie also comes in turquoise, black, charcoal & heather grey. Make sure you fetch these before the smaller sizes run out.

P.S. don't you just love how retarded my hand looks on the left?!

C: No matter how hot the pink, cardies leave me cold these days. It's a well trodden path that's not leading anywhere interesting. Unless of course, it's a well turned double-breasted number.

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Anonymous said...

It is draw?