Friday, 11 July 2008

Rose Tinted Visors

A: Fun, Cheap & Cheerful. Three words I usually associate with; a bottle of cherry Lambrini, WAGs & press on nails. But now I can add these sunglasses too! Available to buy here. Perfect for those morning when your pupils are like black holes.

C: I suffer terminal hangovers. Yesterday I would have gone to A&E to beg to be anaesthetised, except I didn't have shades dark enough to shield my eyes from the cruel, poisonous sunlight. Because I've a pea head, I struggle to find anything which doesn't make me look like a child trying on his grandad's glasses. Burton - yes, much maligned Burton - came to the rescue with these beauties for only £8 in the sale. Je vous aime Burton.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

A pea-headed man peeing on peas. That i would like to see.

Oh, wait! I have!