Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Men's Autumn Campaigns

PradaA: Who is this advert aimed for? Eco friendly waiters who ride their bicycles to work?

C: Looks like a kinky little bum bag he's got round his waspish waist. And that vest is totally what the netball girls wore at primary school. Ridic.


A: David Beckham. Ovah!


A: One Word. Yes.
C: Certainties in life: death, tax, and every vintage store is full of totally hideous men's jumpers. Give me death. At least it comes in plain black.


A: This is a warning for you all you make up counter queens. Plucked eyebrows are never hot on men, even if your a fucking model. Put down the leopard print tweezers.
C: Here here. Once you've plowed the furrow (divided a mono-brow in two) leave well alone. Plucked-to-fuck is ball shrinkingly effeminate. Simple as. No arguments. (Gorgeous collar on that shirt tho, just the right side of Eton).

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