Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Amsterdam Street Style

As promised, Versayce is bringing you street style on a global level. This week we take a look to see what our dutch fashion frenemies are wearing on the streets of Amersterdam. Courtesy of our friends over at DamStyle.

A: God, don't you just hate those Japanese kids!!!!! They can wear whatever they damn well want too and get away with it in broad daylight! They should be a law against this level of cuteness.

A: Geekalicious! This guy needs to teach all those 'Westwood boots rolled down' wearing queens a lesson!

A: Boy do I love purple and Boy Oh Boy do I love plum. This boy would have got a ten out of ten if it weren't for that arts and crafts hideocracy around his neck.
C: Yeah, wtf is that thing? An arts and crafts Speak'n'Spell?!

A: First Year fashion students alert! Duck & Cover! Don't try these looks at home kids! Serious case of the TTH (trying too hard) that needs to be remedied!
C: Mr Left - only androgynous guys can get away sporting granny's jacket. Surprisingly you're too butch for it. Mr Right - pointing your toes together doesn't make you look quirky. It makes you look like you're trying to look quirky.

A: This outfit is totally ridic. And I Love It!!!!!

A: Ahhhhhhhh... The old Allen Poe meets Comme Des Garcons look. This guy looks more tres-gic than tres-chic. Better luck next time!
C: Is he a street performer? It's a look I wanna toss coins at, for some reason.

For more Dutch looks, click on over to DamStyle

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