Sunday, 29 June 2008

Cravin' raven: Comme des Garcon s/s 09

C: CdG's show was a sepulchral spectacle of beautifully layered pants, skirts, jackets and shirts. Playing with proportions is reverse Russian roulette and most gamers blow their face off, leaving us to look at an unappealing mess. CdG hit the empty barrel (most of the time). Black can absorb a huge amount of detail without ever looking ridiculous, and though some of the frills and skirts take the clothes to the extreme edge of gender ambiguity, the collection looked absolutely wearable. Yes. I want a black skirt. I wonder what my sister's got...

A: You know when you see those Hari Krishna clans prancing around? You know how there is like, always one white guy tagged along at the end that is going through some sort of mid life crisis? Well for spring 09' he has the perfect skirts to drown himself in on your nearest high street. I can't wait to see Collette trying to pass those skirts off on to mindless fashion drones next year.

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